Abstract Visteria Portrait Painting Canvas Painting



canvas, abstract


Height: 11 Inches; Width: 14 Inches; Depth: 1 Inches


The finished painting may differ slightly in color & elements for you as it is handmade!

Abstract Painting on canvas, Large or Small sizes available
Handmade original Abstract Painting Printed on Canvas Painting.

I am glad to welcome you to my store! I am very pleased that you became interested in my paintings. I will do everything so that your purchase brings you joy. This will be a great addition to any art collection. I make my paintings from complex and expensive materials, which allows me to make voluminous spectacular paintings. This will always look expensive, stylish, modern, and professional. In my store, you can choose a picture for any color of the walls.

Abstract Painting stretched on canvas, Large 30 X 40
Or Small sizes 8 X 10 available Handmade original Abstract Painting Printed on Canvas or on paper
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11'' x 14'' inches ( USD 75.0 ), 16'' x 20'' inches ( USD 99.0 ), 18 x 24 inches ( USD 150.0 ), 24'' x 36'' inches ( USD 175.0 ), 30'' x 40'' inches ( USD 199.0 )


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